CrossFit For Kids – Saved By The Barbell 2019

Returning after being one of the inaugural host affiliates last year, Combine Fitness CrossFit (aka) CrossFit Combine, has been added to the list of 2019 Saved by the Barbell host affiliates! 

Saved by the Barbell is the CrossFit affiliate community’s way of working toward positive change by creating CrossFit opportunities for kids all over the world.

Saved by the Barbell raises funds to support educators who understand that improving work capacity across broad time and modal domains helps kids improve their fitness, health, and well-being in many aspects of their lives. 

Last year, over 250 CrossFit affiliates participated in the inaugural event, raising more than $95,000 to support CrossFit students, teachers, coaches, and staff throughout the United States and around the world. With those funds, the CrossFit Foundation helped start more than two dozen CrossFit P.E. programs, after-school programs, and school affiliates in communities ranging from small-town Oregon and North Carolina to downtown Los Angeles and Detroit, and abroad in Sweden, Ireland, and the U.K. In several schools, these dollars helped purchase CrossFit equipment and supplies. In many others, teachers and staff were given scholarships to attend CrossFit Kids training. 

With the help of the CrossFit community, the CrossFit Foundation is committed to growing this effort and providing life-changing opportunities to hundreds of schools and thousands of kids around the world.

Any school anywhere in the world may apply to the CrossFit Foundation for support in bringing CrossFit to their students. Every dollar raised through Saved by the Barbell goes directly toward programs for kids. CrossFit, Inc. and the CrossFit Foundation cover all administrative and overhead costs. 

We’re grateful for the generosity of the CrossFit affiliates that stepped up to the challenge last year to support our kids, teachers, and schools. We hope you’ll participate in Saved by the Barbell on Sunday, Aug. 31, 2019

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