The Crossfit Open

Article by: Ryne Milner

Once again it is time for the competitive season of CrossFit to kick off. Every February, the CrossFit games kick off with an international event called the Crossfit Open. This year the open kicks off on February 25 and runs all the way through March 28. The CrossFit Open is the first qualifying stage in the CrossFit games. Every man or women who has claimed the title of ‘fittest on earth,’ first had to battle their way through the Open and earn their spot at regionals. Each week, CrossFit will have a live announcement show in which they will lay out the format for that week’s workout. They then pit accomplished Crossfitters against each other in a head to head matchup to demonstrate the workout in front of a live crowd going nuts. From there the rest of the CrossFit world has until Monday morning to post their scores online.

“But I’m not going to the games, why should I do the Open?” The open is not just for Rich Froning. You do not need to be a regional qualifier to take part in the Open. There are many different reasons for which the open is worth your time and effort. The most important part of the open is very simple: Fun! The Open is a terrific community bonding experience. The whole gym goes into the workout together, supporting one another and pushing each other past what we think are our limits. It’s a time to attack a grueling workout with your friends, have a great time and hopefully post an awesome score. The workouts will be challenging and test both your body and mind, but you will leave with that euphoric feeling of accomplishment and pride.

The Open is very beneficial to a Crossfitter of any level because it will provide you with a snapshot of your fitness at this moment in time. The Open will give you direct data on exactly where you are at with your fitness. For veterans of the Open, this will provide a chance to compare with the previous year and find where you improved. This competition is a great motivation supplier when you are grinding through a tough workout or if you are struggling with your nutrition. Knowing that the Open is on the horizon can provide a great spark to your training. If you find that your scores did not improve or weren’t where you hoped they would be, the Open can be a great reality check. Have you been lacking intensity in your workout or discipline in your diet? The Open can be a great reminder or a kick in the butt when you need it.

The open is also for those of you who are brand new to CrossFit. The scores will provide you with a great baseline of your fitness and show you where your strengths and weaknesses are. We often see a large amount of PR’s or first gymnastic movements achieved due to the competitive environment that the Open brings. There will be both an RX workout and a scaled down version so there should be no fear of not being able to perform what is asked. Hopefully the Open continues to spark your passion for your health and fitness and provides you with motivation for the journey ahead.

Whether you are Rich Froning or in your first year of CrossFit, the Open is for you! So have fun with it and we will see you at the Combine for this year’s Open!