Sarah S.

"Here at Combine, I feel like I'm pushed everyday to become a better athlete"

Sarah S.

I found The Combine “Fitness and Vitality” when I was looking to make a real change in my life and prioritize my fitness and health. Before joining any group classes I was required to do some one on one’s, which as a Crossfit athlete for 4+ years, I was so surprised at how much I benefited from! They really took the time to hear my story, my goals and prioritize what I was looking for. During my one on one private sessions, I learned so much about my form and the “why” behind the movements and really felt like I was being set up for personalized success when being transitioned into group classes. This Crossfit gym is different from any other because the individual athlete is the focus, each person’s ability is catered to and the quality of movement is valued more than the intensity. Here at Combine, I feel like I’m pushed everyday to become a better athlete, the coaches ensure that everyone is safely challenged to their ability, the community is so positive, welcoming and encouraging and I couldn’t be happier to have a new box to call home!

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