Why do you workout?

You probably read that and thought “That’s definitely not true”, but hear us out…
We don’t believe anybody joins the gym to just get fit. People join because of what they think being fit will do for them and how they will feel. It’s not fitness for the sake of fitness. It’s fitness for the things they believe they will be able to do with their fitness and the way it will make them feel.
Here are some things that people think fit people can do:
1. Be happy
2. Live a long time
3. Live well while alive
4. Get sex
5. Fight off others
6. Have confidence
7. Make a better living
8. Play with their kids
9. Look good naked
10. Stay off medications
This is not an exhaustive list, and it took 40 seconds to come up with the ten examples. The point is that no one joins for the fitness, they join for the benefits of being fit.
None of the above are guaranteed to someone who is fit, and none of them are out of the realm of possibility for someone who is not.
We realize that your fitness is MORE than just fitness. It’s about what you can do and how you feel because of it.
This begs the question, why do you work out?
What are you looking for?